Due to a recent amalgamation of circumstances, our Museum shall be closed until further notice.
Firstly, our central air conditioning unit has failed and requires costly repair.
Secondly, the fence and gate located at the rear of our property was vandalized by some contemptible individual which shall also require costly repairs.
Thirdly, a recent bequest has bestowed upon us a number of antique rugs as well as several pieces of antique furniture which require cleaning and repair; a result of which, this shall require some reorganization of our Museum.
Fourthly, our caretaker and chief bottle washer Joey (Joseph Brunk) has suffered an injury where he has lost the tip of his right index finger and is temporarily debilitated.
We hope to be up and running for Victorian Days ~ please check back for updates!
Also, more than ever, donations shall be appreciated to help us to deal with the above mentioned issues, as well as prayers for our Joey!
Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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